Tourism is a quickly developing industry, and is a key to a nation’s economy. The number of travelers is increasing from year to years. Tourism is one of the sectors that is emerging at a quick rate in today and it is a greatly focused which requires the participation of the government, the general population and non-government sector to guarantee its success.

Tourism industry serves to the economy significantly more than that of different sectors in many nations. Tourism is a source of direct and indirect employment to various people in the transport industry, travelling industry and hotel industry.

But, not everything about tourism is positive such as soil erosion, increased environmental pollution and waste, discharges into the sea and waterways, increased pressure on endangered species of animals and plants, deforestation and loss of biodiversity. Therefore researches in tourism field are required to understand how to increase the benefits while avoiding the disadvantages associated with tourism.

The 4th International conference on Hospitality and Tourism Management provide a platform for representing your field of interest and allows sharing knowledge with researchers in other tourism disciplines, policy-makers, and with the public. The main theme of this conference is “Tourism as a driver of economic growth, inclusive development and environmental sustainability; a global solution for a better future for the planet”.