01 Planning For Balance Between Economic Benefits and Land Use Potential: Case of Alappuzha, Kerala, India

Jeeno Soa George ,  Saikat Kumar Paul ( Department of Architecture and Regional Planning, IIT Kharagpur,India)

02 The Impact of Servicescape on Customer Word-of-Mouth:

A Case of Japanese Barbeque Restaurants in Bangkok

Yodmanee Tepanon ( Kasetsart University , Thailand)

03 Travel Imagery in the Age of Instagram

Anali Ambani Baruah  ( The Assam Valley School , India)

04 Tourist’s Profile and Perception Towards Ecotourism Product in Ambengan Village

Singaraja Bali

Komang Trisna Pratiwi Arcana S.ST.Par , M.Par, M.Rech1, CHE and Febianti S.E2., M.Par.,M.Pro.

( The International Bali Tourism Institute (STPBI), Indonesia)

05 Green Village Destination, As The Tourism Development Concept, in Pelaga, Petang, Badung Regency

A A. Ayu Arun Suwi Arianty ,  Made Trisna Semara ( International Bali Institute of Tourism ,  Indonesia )

06 Tourism and Development: The Case Against Tourism Dependency as a Model for Economic Development, Aruba  

Don Taylor ( University of Aruba , Aruba)

07 Employees’ Perception of Emotional Attachment on Customer Relationships: A Case Study of Colombo Five Star City Hotels

Hanshika Madushani Herath1,  D.A.C Silva2,, Sampath Siriwardena3 ( 1Auckland University of Technology , New Zealand, 2University of Colombo,Sri Lanka, 3Nautical and Engineering College, Sri Lanka)

08 Studying Emotional Labour in Commercial Hospitality from Customers’ Perspectives

Hanshika Madushani Herath , Nigel Ross Hemmington , Assoc.Prof. Jill Poulston ( Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand)

09 Leading Contextual Factors of Emotional Labor from South Asian Perspective

Hanshika Madushani Herath1, Dr. D.A.C Silva2( 1Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand, 2University of Colombo,Sri Lanka)