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Literary Award

Literary awards are prestigious accolades given to authors and their works (books/journal articles) to recognize and honour their contributions to the world of literature. To be eligible for these awards, the work of researchers must typically meet certain criteria below.

Self-Nomination Process:

Authors are invited to nominate their own works for consideration for the ICOHT Literary Awards.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Originality and creativity: The work must be original, innovative, and push the boundaries of literary conventions. It should offer a fresh perspective on a topic or theme and engage the reader in a unique way.
  • Quality of writing: The quality of the writing is a crucial factor in determining a work’s eligibility for a literary award. The prose should be well-crafted, engaging, and evoke strong emotions in the reader.
  • Depth and complexity of the subject matter: The work should delve deep into the subject matter and explore complex themes or ideas. This demonstrates the author’s ability to engage the reader on a deeper level and encourages critical thinking.
  • Character development: A well-developed cast of characters is essential for a successful literary work. The characters should be multi-dimensional, relatable, and contribute to the overall storyline.
  • Structure and narrative technique: The structure and narrative technique should be well-executed and contribute to the overall impact of the work. The story should be coherent and engaging from beginning to end.
  • Impact on the reader: A successful literary work should have a lasting impact on the reader, leaving them with a new perspective on the subject matter or a deep emotional connection to the characters.
  • Relevance to the target audience: The work should resonate with its target audience and address their interests, concerns, or experiences. This relevance can help the work gain more traction and increase its chances of winning a literary award.


Publication Timeline:

The submitted work must have been published within the last 10 years from the date of the award.


Citation Requirement:

The work should have achieved a significant impact, as reflected by:

Citation Count: A minimum of 500 citations or more within the specified 10-year period.

Literary Award

A Lifetime Achievement Award is a prestigious honour bestowed upon an individual in recognition of their exceptional contributions, enduring impact, and outstanding achievements in their respective field, over the course of their entire career. These awards celebrate the recipient’s dedication, passion, and hard work, and often serve as a testament to their legacy and influence in their industry. These awards are extended to both industry and academia. The criteria for this award is listed below.

Self-Nomination Process:

Individuals are invited to nominate their own works for consideration for the ICOHT Lifetime achievement Awards.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Impact and Influence: One of the main criteria for a Lifetime Achievement Award is the impact and influence an individual has had on their field. This can be measured by assessing the extent to which their work has shaped and advanced the field, and how it has influenced other professionals within the industry. The recipient should have made a substantial and lasting impact that goes beyond their immediate sphere of influence.
  • Innovation and Creativity: Another important factor in determining eligibility for a Lifetime Achievement Award is an individual’s ability to demonstrate innovation and creativity in their work. This can include ground-breaking discoveries, pioneering research, or revolutionary contributions to their field. The recipient should have demonstrated a unique ability to think outside the box and push the boundaries of existing knowledge or practices.
  • Longevity and Consistency: Lifetime Achievement Awards are typically reserved for individuals who have demonstrated exceptional longevity and consistency in their careers. This criterion considers the length of time an individual has been actively involved in their field, as well as the consistency of their contributions over time. The recipient should have exhibited a sustained commitment to excellence throughout their career.
  • Leadership and Mentorship: Leadership qualities and mentorship are often taken into account when considering candidates for a Lifetime Achievement Award. This criterion assesses an individual’s ability to inspire, guide, and mentor others within their field. The recipient should have demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and acted as a role model for future generations of professionals.
  • Recognition and Honours: Previous recognition and honours received by an individual can also play a role in determining eligibility for a Lifetime Achievement Award. This includes awards, accolades, and honours received throughout their career from reputable organizations or institutions within their field. The recipient should have a track record of being recognized by peers and experts in their industry.
  • Contributions to Society: A Lifetime Achievement Award may also take into account an individual’s contributions to society beyond their specific field. This can include philanthropic efforts, public service, or advocacy work that has had a positive impact on the broader community. The recipient should have demonstrated a commitment to making a difference in the world beyond their professional accomplishments.
  • Legacy and Enduring Impact: Lastly, the enduring impact and legacy an individual leaves behind are important considerations for a Lifetime Achievement Award. This criterion assesses the lasting influence of an individual’s work and the extent to which it continues to shape the field even after their active involvement. The recipient should have left a lasting mark on their industry that will be remembered for years to come.

Evaluation by ICOHT Internal Reviewers

ICOHT’s internal reviewers, selected from the organizing committee, will carefully assess each application based on the defined criteria. The judging process will involve an in-depth examination of the following aspects:

By adhering to these reviewing criteria, ICOHT aims to recognize and honor outstanding literary contributions that have made a lasting impact on the literary landscape over the past decade.

ICOHT 2024 Presentation Awards

Our Presentation Awards aim to acknowledge individuals’ contributions to the field and encourage active participation, fostering growth in the research community. This concept serves as inspiration for greater achievements and may even lead to policy implementations for a promising future.

The final decisions will be made by the session’s evaluation panel members and the Conference Chair, all possessing strong academic or industrial backgrounds in the relevant subject area. Evaluation will be based on the following criteria, and the highest-scoring presentations will be recommended for the awards, according to rankings by the evaluation committee and the Conference Chair.

Categories for Presentation Awards

Overall Best Presentation Award

This award recognizes the most outstanding presentation of the entire conference.

Superlative Presentation Awards

These awards honor presenters whose research work has been acknowledged as exceptional.

Session’s Best Presentation Award:

Presented to the most outstanding presentation of the entire track/ session.

Best Student Presentation Award

Presented to the most exceptional presentation by a participant registered as a student. This category includes undergraduates, master's students, and Ph.D. students.

Best Poster Presentation Award

Dedicated to poster presenters at the conference, this award will be granted to the best poster presentation among all researchers in the session.Selection Process

Each presentation undergoes evaluation by two evaluators, and the final score is determined by averaging the marks from both evaluators. The top presentation in each session will be chosen based on these final scores assigned by the evaluators, with the ultimate decision made by the Conference Chair. The following criteria are considered for this award, and scores are given on a scale of 100.

  • Content of the presentation (45%)
  • Clarity and flow of the Presentation (20%)
  • Novelty /contribution to the field (25%)
  • Timing (10%)

Every poster presentation is evaluated by a special evaluator based on below criteria and the presentation with the highest mark is selected as the Best Poster Presentation Award. The final mark is given out of 100.

  • Depth of Content (40%)
  • Introduction and Abstract (15%)
  • Content knowledge and organization (20%)
  • Poster Design and Overall Visual Appeal (10%)
  • Verbal Interaction (15%)

Presentations of each technical session with the highest marks shall be recommended for these two awards. They are evaluated by a special committee headed by the Conference Chair according to the below criteria.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Total Marks gained in the presentation
  • Significance of the paper to the field
  • Theoretical contribution
  • The ability of practical implementation
  • Use of appropriate methodological rigor
  • Originality

Awards Ceremony

All the winners will be presented with their awards during the awards ceremony which will be held on the last day of the conference along with the conference conclusion.

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