Panel Discussion

"Event Tourism: An industry on the Road to Recovery"

No industry suffered more during the COVID-19 pandemic than the event tourism sector.  As strategy and planning begin for travel to events, hospitality and tourism business professionals must work together for a successful recovery. Industry professionals and academic researchers should join this session as the panelists discuss global “lessons learned”, what will be different for many years to come, and areas that require significant research in the near future.  


Dr. Amanda Cecil

Dr. Amanda K. Cecil

Professor & Director of the Event & Tourism Institute
Indiana University (IUPUI)
United States

Webinar on "Spiritual Tourism"

  • When

    06th November 2021

The additional post-conference webinar will be held on 6th November 2021, and all-conference delegates are invited to attend it, without additional fees. This webinar will have four 30-minute segments:
  • What is Spirituality?
  • Traditional Spiritual Tourism
  • Modern Spiritual Tourism
  • Panel Discussion
Presented by three subject experts from the Global Spiritual Forum and the Global Hospitality Forum.

WHATT Round Table Discussion

The WHATT round table discussion of the 8th International Conference on Hospitality and Tourism Management (ICOHT) 2021 is a special feature for the delegates (Industry and academic) of the conference. Round table discussion would provide a great platform for the delegates to discuss and share their insights on the current trends, issues, possible solutions to prevailing concerns to rebuild Tourism and Hospitality Industry. This would be conducted parallel to the other sessions and the delegates interested are encouraged to participate and gain the maximum output during conference period.