College of Architecture University of Philippines Diliman is Partnering with ICOHT 2022

College of Architecture University of Philippines Diliman

The 9th International Conference on Hospitality and Tourism Management 2022 (ICOHT 2022), which will be held from 27th and 28th October 2022, has collaborated with College of Architecture University of Philippines Diliman as an Academic Partner.

The story of the college reflects the evolving convergence of the arts and the sciences, the indoor and outdoor spaces, and the site and city contexts of the designed and built environment. The Architecture Program was first introduced in the Philippines in 1956 through the College of Engineering. It then became known as the School of Fine Arts and Architecture in 1958 under the College of Fine Arts. In 1970, the College of Architecture was established to initially offer the Bachelor of Science in Architecture. The following years saw the first offering of the Bachelor in Landscape Architecture program in 1971 and the Master of Architecture program in 1972.

The undergraduate programs intersected with the Interior Design program of the College of Home Economics through shared courses that allowed collaboration among the architecture, landscape architecture, and interior design students while engaging the community and nation through the research and extension programs. In 1985, the opening of the Master of Landscape Architecture broadened the scope of the college’s graduate program. The two graduate programs catered mostly to faculty of other architecture schools in the country and therefore, firmly established the academic leadership role of the UP College of Architecture.

In 2019, the Integrated Graduate Program comprising five higher degree programs was installed. The revised Master of Architecture and Master of Landscape Architecture programs continue to cater to architecture and landscape architecture undergraduate degree holders. Two new programs, the Graduate Diploma in Landscape Studies and the Master of Arts in Architecture Studies opened admission streams for graduates from other disciplines. The Doctor of Philosophy in the Designed and Built Environment, a first in the country, also serves as a hub for the crossing of disciplines. The IGP was designed based on the principles of openness, flexibility, and dynamism.

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